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Image and sound. One is missing: the witness. So the event is realized, circumstances are arranged and whatever has not happened yet dies on it's impersonality giving life to the experience, the happening.

So the schemes, filters, subjectivities are settled to shape what already is, to color what already is. It's the always fervent desire to recognize itself in projections to reward or contrast, to accept or discard. One by one contradictions and congruences are plumbed, connecting and disconnecting events. No one is safe.

Three elements make this possible. One of them is the witness and event at a time, a bridge between two dimenssions: the atom. Crossing into its dephts unfolds the subatomic world of infinite possibilities, back to the other side the measurable world. The other two are events from its impermanence but due to them "happens": gene and bit.

Genetically constructed, the witness is like a light printing unceasingly over the film of bits that are in multiform color linked, the brightest and warmest, the darkest and coldest. Thus the observer can look at itself at last.


Audiovisual world is so thrilling as the infinite forms can take. Its capacity to link together visual, sounds and viewers, are things that I like the most about. Links triggering every kind of reactions over human emotions range.

In this page you will find a little of those elements that are part of my life: Image and Sound. Go ahead! the links are above! photo studio

Going out to take photos in Maracaibo streets is really an adventure because the danger of walking along with a very expensive equipment. However it's always bringing rewards as the smiling face asking you to take her a picture, or the shy people hiding from camera trying to avoid a picture could appear on newspaper... Read more.

Enjambre Audiovisual Collective

ENJAMBRE is constituted by subjects related to their contexts, struggles, dreams and passions, workers from the same hive: collaborating in the construction of a new communication model and focused on learning, create, listen, inform and educate.

We conceive the creation of messages as an integral process where all the factors involved build a product according to the communication needs from subjects and their context... Read more.